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Help-Register A New Account

How To Make A New Account:

Step 1: Click on 'Sign In or Register'. On the next page, click on "Register."

Step 2: Enter your name, email address and your password. Keep a copy of your log-in information for future reference.

Red squares next to the entry boxes indicate required information.

Step 3: Entering information about yourself and your commute preferences helps the program better understand what needs we are meeting, and which ones we could be meeting better.

Step 4: Type in the first letter of your employer/organization's name to try to find it in our database. If your employer is not listed, please have them contact us to be added to the list! Email Shane at or call 970-221-6859.


Step 5: Select your work site. If your work site is the main office, it may be listed by street address, or may be listed as "HQ" (headquarters).


Step 6: Enter your home address, including Street, City, State, and Zip Code. Click 'Save' to continue.

Step 7:  Name your commute profile. It is possible to enter multiple commute profiles with different origins and destinations. Click on 'Save and Continue'.



Step 8: You will now create a commute map for you commute profile noted above. Enter your home address and then your work address, and click on 'Map Route'. Now click on the 'Schedule' tab. Enter the time you need to arrive to and leave from work. (Also enter in a flexibility range to these time frames). Then click on 'Preferences' and check the appropriate boxes that reflect your personal preferences. 

As you complete each tab you will notice that the red 'Required' buttons turn to green 'Complete' Buttons.


Step 9: Select whether your profile is to be public or private. In order to be matched with other carpools and vanpools your profile must be available for a match selection (public). Other participants will only see your first name and last initial, and a general location of your to and from address. Click on 'Save Commute'.

You are now registered. Your commute profile can be used to match with fellow carpoolers and vanpoolers.